Friday, March 31, 2006


Nothing much happened since I last posted, I have decided to re-name the newsletter to 'Sholing News' instead of 'The Sholing free press' as I thought that title sounded a little to high class for the area, and I didn't want to alienate any of the readers.
I am still planning the lay out aswell.

Speak soon.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Mission: Create a monthly newsletter for my local community in Sholing.

Basically the whole idea is still in it's planning stages, I have put a computer in my bed room, and created what I call, the mini-office.
It has all the stuff I need to make a great little newsletter/free sheet for my local community.
I still have to investigate how much printing costs etc would be, this of course will greatly influence how many copies initially go to press.
I also need to design the layout for the paper, and decide its demographic (I'm thinking older people) and the sort of content that will be featured.
It's quite exciting for me! Trying to get my own little publication distributed, this will quench my thirst to create fantastic interesting journalism!
I'm 17 and my name is Kevin, I live in Sholing ( in Southampton) , and am thinking the community would love a little publication specially for them (even though they don't know it yet)
So, today I'm going to try and get the layout sorted, research some websites etc where I can get my information from, and just generally try things out.